About Us

Who is Taurus Terrazzo??



Taurus Terrazzo Homewares is currently a one-woman show in Niagara, Ontario since 2021!

My name is Jeska.  I’m a grounded flight attendant due to the pandemic - a mom of two who needed a creative outlet during a crazy time, and it turned into so much more.  

Creating and revealing a perfect piece is where Taurus Terrazzo began.  Using a water-based eco-resin was a great start, and evolving into the most sustainable business we can be is where it’s going. 

I have a vision of creating sustainable home goods, not only through the material used (Jesmonite), but also by optimizing our processes and systems to be as sustainable as we can be as well.  There will always be a carbon footprint associated with creating material goods, so it is our responsibility to lessen that footprint in thoughtful and substantive ways.  

Follow along on Instagram @taurus_terrazzo for behind-the-scenes views at what steps we’re taking, and keep an eye out for our renewable Zero-Waste sales.


Let me create for you the final touch to your home decor vision, the personalized piece to your workplace, or the perfect gift for your trendsetting friends.  If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, reach out through the Wholesale & Custom order page, and let us begin!